Call Of Duty: Warzone Buy Station Guide

As many know, Call of Duty: Warzone is a typical Battle Royale game mode, but the in-game economy works a little differently than the other games in that class. You start the game with a clean X16 handgun and two armor plates, and you pick up a few weapons from chests. Is that it? NO! This is where Buy Stations are coming in handy and playing a crucial part through your whole match.

What are Buy Stations, and where can I find them?

Buy Station is the only place where you can spend your collected cash that you are receiving from Contracts or picked up from Supply Boxes or around corners on the ground. The Buy Stations are in-game stores that hold some valuable items that you need to overcome your enemies and revitalize your self after a thought fight!

Buy Stations are all over Verdansk Map, and there is no specific location to find them. They are randomized in every match you play. There is no strict rule on how they are placed, and they can be found even in the middle of nowhere. Open your MAP and look for the GREEN SHOPPING CART icon.

What can I buy from Buy Station?

Below you can find a full list of all the things you can buy from a Buy Station including the killstreaks and Reviving a TeamMate, the list contains the price and the function of the equipment.

Revive$4,500Revive A Team Mate
Armor Box$6,000
Armor Plate Bundle$1,500Five Armor Plates
Shield Turret$2,000Shielded turret which can be deployed on most surfaces
Cluster Strike$3,000Signal for a number of cluster mortars to hit the designated location
Gas Mask$3,000Provides protection against the gas for 12 seconds before it breaks
Precision Airstrike$3,500Call in twin jets for a precision airstrike along the best available path
UAV$4,000Reveal enemy locations on the mini-map using a UAV recon ship
Self-Revive Kit$4,500Allows for self-revive when you’re downed
Munitions Box$5,000Deploy a box of ammo and equipment for you and your teammates
Loadout Drop Marker$10,000Marks a location and deploys a supply drop, allowing your team to pick-up a loadout, including perks

One of the most important features of the Buy Station is that you can re-deploy your dead TeamMates and give them 3rd chance after losing Gulag or something unfortunate happened, and they are just there watching you having fun around the map. As most of the Equipment in the Buy Station you can re-deploy your team unlimited times during the match. The cost of re-deploy is $4,500 as stated in the table above.

How to make Cash in Call of Duty: Warzone?

Cash drop from Supply Box

There are few ways to gather some cash in Warzone, and not every way is safe and fast, but every risk brings in the reward.

Looting building and your surrounding

You can check the building around you, besides finding some Supply Boxes, you will find a lot of piles of cash from $100 to $1200 as the most common values. But sometimes you can find BIG piles of cash lying around.

Also, the Supply Boxes may drop cash, which was reduced in the MAY 7TH Patch. That info didn’t make it in the official patch notes and it was a silent update but it has a really big impact on the gameplay and the play style of some players.

Take care while looting inside Buildings, besides players, there might be some lethal leftovers like Claymore or Proximity Mine. I don’t think that you want to spend your hard-earned money on Armor plates or in the worst case to pay a visit to the Gulag.

Looting your opponents

If you’re an aggressive player, this way of collecting some cash might suits you the most! Look around the map, see where the red dots are poping and rush away! Don’t forget to grab some guns with you you will need them. When you kill a player they are dropping everything that they have, Armor Plates, Weapons, Ammo, and MONEY. So if you are impatient just go straight to a fight and pray for the best!

Find and complete contracts

This one is my personal favorite, it’s really dynamic and it makes you move around different locations so you won’t be bored and feel like a camper. There are 3 types of contracts Bounty Contract, Scavenger Contract, and Recon Contract. They all bring in some additional cash besides other rewards along the way. Also, if you complete more than one contract in a single match, the reward for the next one will be higher!

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