Nickmercs Warzone Loadout

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Nick Kolcheff also is known as Nickmercs, is an American streamer and esports player, best known for playing Fortnite. As one of the most famous Twitch Streamers, he won many Fortnite tournaments. Nicksmercs as many other did, transit to Call of Duty Warzone and seems like he is staying there according to his streams and his youtube … Read more

Summit1g Warzone Loadout


Jaryd Lazar, more commonly known by his online alias Summit1g, is an American Twitch streamer. He is one of the OG crew on Twitch and as of 2020 he is in TOP5 Biggest Streamers on the platform. Besides full-time Streaming, back in 2017 Lazar joined CSGO Team Mythic to try his luck as a professional CS:GO … Read more