Today InfinityWard deployed a new patch for CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE & WARZONE


General Fixes:

  • Tuning all smoke challenges to be a bit more forgiving. This includes the challenge to unlock the Bruen MK9
  • Fix to help prevent vehicle exploits
  • Various exploit fixes, including Ground War Infected
  • GameBattles: Fix for a few issues where players might not be able to join a new match
  • Reduced fire delay on the Lightweight and Match Grade trigger attachments on all .357 calibers
  • .357 Snake Shot damage rebalance
  • Fixed a bug where the damage on the .357 Snake Shot was too high at longer distances

At a first glance it seems like they finally Nerfed the .357 Akimbo Snake Shot bullets damage along with a bug where the damage on the .357 Snake Shot was too high at longer distances. I guess this patch is dropping the .357 Snake Shot meta after all.

Are we getting nerf on Akimbo Renneti soon?

After a tweet from Ryan Wyatt that he is about to equip the Akimbo Renetti which was part of the meta as second powerful Akimbo the InfityWard’s Co-Design Director suggests that the Akimbo Renetti’s may also see a nerf in the near future.